Pinecrest Stables


Current Boarding Rates and Availability

We do not have any openings for board at this time. Please contact us to get on the waiting list for board.

Board Rates:

To give you the most value and ultimate flexibiilty in your horse's care, your board cost is itemized into two separate charges, one fixed cost for facilities and services, and a separate cost for feed.

We work with our clients to determine the optimum amount of hay and grain each horse needs to maintain condition, and then charge the actual cost per pound for feed. We buy top quality Eastern WA hay in semi loads, so are able to get excellent prices and pass the savings on to you!

Because you are only paying for what your horse consumes, smaller horses and 'easy keepers' don't get stuck subsidizing the needs of bigger horses. Additionally, horses are never limited to 'X flakes per day' as they are at many barns. We want each horse to be in top condition, and want our clients to feel comfortable asking for the exact amount of feed they'd like their horse to get. We feel this is the best way to achieve those goals.


     Farm Amenities Include:

  • 12'x12' matted stall with attached 30' run
  • Daily group turnout on grass pastures
  • 180'x80' outdoor arena with all weather footing
  • Secure tack room with individual lockers
  • Viewing lounge overlooking arena
  • Direct access to Fort Lewis trail system
  • Blanketing/fly masking as needed
  • Wash rack with on-demand hot water
  • Top quality eastern WA hay
  • Owners with 25+ years professional experience live on site and oversee all care

All boarders are responsible for providing routine health care (worming, hoof care, vaccinations etc). If requested, we can arrange to provide those services at additional cost. Limited trailer parking is available to boarders at no charge depending on space availability.

Hay is fed exclusively using Slow Grazer Slow Hay Feeders. Slow feeders encourage horses to consume their feed in small amounts over a long period of time, as nature intended. As a result, stable vices are eliminated, horses are happier and healthier overall. Read more about slow feeding here:

PLEASE NOTE: For the safely and well being of our herd, we DO NOT accept horses with behavior problems such as aggressiveness towards other horses, or vices such as cribbing. We also do not accept stallions or foals at this time, as our horses get group turnout.