Pinecrest Stables




Pinecrest Stables is a private facility in the Olympia area.

Our roomy 10 stall barn is designed to be bright and airy, and provide shelter from inclement weather while providing a natural, healthful environment. Each stall opens onto a 30' mud-free run, and horses can always see and interact with their neighbors, even when stalled.

Our 10 acres are devoted as much as possible to pasture, and pastures are rotated regularly to extend grazing as long as possible throughout the year. Group turnout allows horses to 'be horses' and socialize with others. This provides for mental stimulation and plenty of exercise, even when you can't come out to ride.  

Our location is second to none, as our property borders a large forested section of Fort Lewis land, and boarders can ride right off the property onto literally miles of well-kept trails and dirt/gravel roads. Please visit our photo gallery for images of the trail system.

Our Philosophy

At Pinecrest, our top priority is the health and well being of our herd. Over 25 years experience in the equine industry has taught us that horses are happiest and thrive in an environment that provides them fresh air, plenty of forage and clean water, shelter from bad weather, and room to run and play with other horses!

We provide an environment that is as close to nature as possible, supplemented with the best quality feed available and daily monitoring of each horse's condition. As a result, our boarders find their horses are happier and healthier than ever before!



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